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Memento Mori


This is from Denmark, and a little island called Rømø -– one of the gate to the church and graveyard of the island’s only church. Memento mori –- remember you shall die. Photographer: Jens-Chr. Kjær of Brande Lokal Net.

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“A doorway, one of many at the old turntable center, and the house for
the old steamers in Brande, Jylland, Denmark. It is now restored and can be seen at The place is now a cultural center for the arts.” Photographer: Jens-Chr. Kjr of Brande Lokal Net.

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Garden of Souls Street


Själagårdsgatan 2 (Garden of Souls Street), Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm • ca. 1620

This doorway at the beginning of Själagårdsgatan is one of the most beautiful and best preserved 17th century buildings in Gamla Stan. The stonemason that created this structure was Johan Wendelstam, a German artisan. During renovation work in 1969, hidden decorations saw daylight, and evidence of early exterior and interior design were discovered.

Photographer: Terry LeBlanc of Giclee Stockholm.

The streets of Stockholm are so narrow that it’s often impossible to get a shot of the entire doorway. Terry has developed a mixed media technique to combine elements of the scene into one image, which is explained here on her website.

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This old farmhouse, called Gl. Vestermark, also known as Old Westfield, was built in 1911 and stands today as then. It is a private home today, and no farming is done here any more. In 1911 it was in the countryside. Today it is in the midst of the town Brande, Jylland, Denmark.

Photographer: Jens-Chr. Kjr of Brande Lokal Net.

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A residential entry with shops on both sides (flower shop to the left and bakery to the right). The residence is above the shops. Built in 1940/1941.

Photographer: JCK of Brande Lokal Net. Originally posted at Brande Lokal Net October 17, 2006. This doorway is in Jylland, Denmark.

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Broken Pediment

A triangular molding under a roof or above a doorway is called a pediment. This is a good example of a broken pediment, so named because the beam does not go all the way across the top of the door. To see an example of an unbroken pediment, see the Colonial Style door. Photographer: Kathrine of Copenhagen Daily Photo. Taken in June 2006. This doorway is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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