Doorways Around the World

Submission Guidelines

DC door

To increase chances of acceptance, images submitted should be well composed, with attention paid to exposure and color balance. As for the door itself, even if it’s a weathered door which has seen better days, if it has interesting detail and is well photographed, it still could work.

Here are some criteria:

1. It should be a close-up shot of a doorway with as little of the surroundings as possible.

2. It should be a photo of one single doorway or gate. No composites.

3. It must be a photo that you took yourself.

4. The shot should preferably be colorful, but the door itself doesn’t necessarily have to be.

5. Color photos only. No black & white.

6. Include some information about the shot. Is it an office building or a residence? The city and country where it was taken is a must.

7. Include the URL to your website to which you would like me to link, if you have one.

8. Minimum size must be 375 pixels width by 500 pixels height. A too small image will be immediately rejected.

9. Photos must be emailed to me for consideration.

All contributions will be fully credited to you with a link back to your site.

Images accepted by Doorways Around the World may be cropped, straightened and/or color balanced. Other minor enhancements may be made as deemed necessary to meet the artistic standard of this site.

Send submissions to mariemcc303-roadtoveracruz at yahoo dot com.  Only submissions which follow the guidelines will be acknowledged.

Thank you for your interest.

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