Doorways Around the World



A residential entry with shops on both sides (flower shop to the left and bakery to the right). The residence is above the shops. Built in 1940/1941.

Photographer: JCK of Brande Lokal Net. Originally posted at Brande Lokal Net October 17, 2006. This doorway is in Jylland, Denmark.

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A glimpse of a tantalizing arched doorway in a Venetian alley. Photographer: Melinda Brovelli of Roseville, CA. Taken September 2006. This doorway is in Venice, Italy.

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Glastonbury Abbey


From the Gallilee of Glastonbury Abbey ruins looking toward
the Crossing of the Abbey Church and the choir ruins, where King
Arthur was and remains buried according to the monks.

Photographer: James R of Bath Daily Photo. Taken in 2006. This doorway is in Glastonbury, UK.

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Green Door


Photographer: Steve Miller. Taken in 2006. This doorway is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
More of Steve’s photos at his photo galleries on PBase and Flickr.

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Wolfe Street Mansion


Photographer: Marie McC of Alexandria Daily Photo. Taken in August 2006. This entry way is in Alexandria VA.

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St. Luke’s


Doorway to St. Luke’s Cathedral in St. Paul, Minnesota. Photographer: Kate of Visual St. Paul.

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Mosaic Entry No. 2


Photographer: PDPB/Steve of Portsmouth Daily Photo. This entry way is in Seville, Spain.

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Cat Gate


Black cats and a spiderwebesque design — what could be more perfect for Halloween?

Photographer: Passante of Passante’s World. Taken in October 2006. This gate is in London, UK.

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A residence in Vigan. Photographer: Anne Manila Daily Photo. Originally published September 1, 2006, on Manila Daily Photo. This doorway is in Vigan, Philippines.

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A cheerful entry to come home to. Photographer: THIS of Lake Chapala & Ajijic 2006 Road Trip. This doorway is in Ajijic, Mexico.

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